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    Fantastic Hack, very good move making Serperior Dragon type, but I have one question, and the only issue I have with this hack; why isn't Milotic Dragon too? Infact I think she'd be very interesting as a Psychic/Dragon type, completely eliminating the Water type and being capable of learning all the Psychic specials, moves like Flamethrower and Thunderbolt and boosting to 600 base and being made Pseudo-Legendary.

    Also, why can't Gyarados learn Fly, as he is capable of flight, and why wasn't he made Dragon too? Seems like alot of missed opportunities for some awesome stuff. Gyarados is basically the physical mirror of Milotic, they really, really should be Dragons.

    Flygon/Kingdra should also be removed from the Dragon Pokémon as they are quite frankly nothing like Dragons. I also think Volcarona and Yanmega are worthy of being dual Bug/Dragon (no other Pokémon have these types).
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