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    "Stupid map."

    Those were the only words in Chris' mind as he left Pallet Town, bound for a ship harbored in Vermilion City. He pulled out a ticket Prof. Oak handed him before he left and studied it again. "The Libra II..." he read to himself before putting the ticket away again and referencing the map function on his Pokedex. According to the map, which was updated after the chaos finally stopped, he had a long walk ahead of him before he got there. "If only my bike still worked..." he thought. It sure would've made the trip easier!

    After what seemed like forever, he finally saw what was left of the sign that welcomed him to Vermilion City. He cautiously walked around the rubble that lined the roads, pieces of buildings that outlined this formerly-beautiful seaside tourist attraction. He had half a thought to sit somewhere and wait for Oak to join him, but he remembered Oak telling him not to. "I'll join you soon. There's something I need to take care of first. Don't worry," Oak smiled, pulling out his own ticket,"I will see you there. Be careful and have fun."

    "Have fun?" Chris smirked,"How can I have fun when the world comes crashing down around me?" He looked ahead to the pier, the only one that seemed to be all in one piece. Nothing was there! He couldn't believe it. Was he told wrong? Did he miss his only opportunity to climb aboard?

    Setting his bag down heavily, he sat down on top of a large hunk of wall to wait. "Maybe it'll come back for me," he told himself. Soon, he heard the familiar sound of a boat sailing in. He stood up and stretched, slinging his backpack back onto his right shoulder. As he watched the ship come in, he couldn't believe that the vessel he saw was real. It was beautiful, almost like it was just built and heading out for its maiden voyage. Waiting for the signal to come aboard, he wondered how a ship like this survived without a scratch.


    The voice was faint, but he heard it loud and clear. He walked down the pier towards the Libra II, pulling the ticket out to hand to the guy onboard. He slowly walked up the gangplank and showed the ticket. "Welcome aboard the Libra II. Destination - Castelia City. Please watch your step and have a pleasant voyage," the guy said to Chris, handing the ticket back. Chris walked along the deck to the front of the ship, leaning on the rail, anticipating the trip to Castelia.

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