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    Okay. So I get on my laptop, check & here. When I'm selling stuff on eBay, I check its status. Every once in a great while I'll check Facebook & Twitter. Depending on my mood I'll bring youtube up. But aside from that, I always have my MAL, Netflix, eBay, tabs always up on my Google Chrome, & use sites to watch Anime on FireFox. I use Chatzilla also so there's a 3rd window there. That's really about it. is the site I often go on late Sunday or Mondays to check statistics especially.

    I have Skype & MSN on here also, but I never get on them lol, even if I have to x them out every time I get on. x) So in other words, I guess I like to be on my laptop to watch TV shows/Movies/Anime & chat with people in general I guess?
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