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Hopefully this will occur for future releases and we won't have to wait seven months just for a localisation.
On another note, now that B2W2 has been released pretty much everywhere I think people will be more adamant on RS remakes now, unless the next game to be released is Gen VI which I highly doubt since it wont have even been a year since B2W2 assuming it is released next year then surely it's going to be a mainstream game? B2W2 was an expansion on Black & White but it wasn't a full blown out project which took a long time to make, it may have taken longer than the typical third game but in comparison to the likes of Black and White and remakes, I'm sure it took a much shorter time to develop. What I'm trying to say is that after PMD4 has been released, that wil be the spin-off and the "not so mainstream" games out of the way by the beginning of 2013, leaving room for one final main project before the release of the next generation which I'll assume will be released in 2014. This could only leave me with one option which is a Ruby & Sapphire remake, there is nothing more suited to the time frame and release pattern than this game and unless they come up with a totally new mainstream game which is highly unlikely given the circumstances, I think we'll be hearing about Ruby & Sapphire remakes by Spring 2013 .. that's just my theory.