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    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    Put it this way. In a world where everyone at a school is required to be immunized against polio, polio cannot find a foothold. No one is getting it. Even in a school where only 5 people aren't immunized, if one of those people fall ill with polio, no one else is getting it because it can't pass from person to person to get to everyone in the school. But in a school where 60% of the population isn't immunized, one person coming into contact with polio and contracting it becomes an epidemic. Then you are not only putting people at risk that don't have the immunization, but the people they come into contact with, such as very young children that have not begun or completed their vaccination series yet.

    When you are in close quarters with hundreds of other people every day, the idea of allowing everyone to immunize as they please hurts much more than the person choosing not to immunize. If you and 20 other people end up not immunizing, and you contract polio and they all get it from you, your choice not to immunize is the choice that gave them polio.
    If only the people who dont get immunized get the disease then theres no problem. If you dont want to get polio you just get your polio shot. You should be allowed to contract polio if you want to. Its a matter of principle.
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