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Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
But, sometimes X does exist, or sometimes its better to believe X exists than to deny it. Believing in X sure makes a lot of people happy.
That doesn't make it any more logical.

And sure, maybe there is a teacup between the Earth and Mars, but it's nonsensical to claim it does exist because nobody has disproven its existence. Even if it turns out it does exist, claiming it does because nobody can prove it makes it possible to claim virtually anything ever, even the most absurd nonsensical thing you can possibly think of. The Smurfs? Nobody has proven they don't exist!

And about the "it makes people happy", that's called "utilitarianism", and it's a philosophical take on the world that says that it's not worth considering whether a idea is right or wrong, but their only measure it's how happy they make the overall population. But, of course, it can be misconstructed horribly. After all, having one slave would make me and my family pretty happy as we wouldn't have to cook, take care of the house, etc. But I don't think the slave would be very happy about it, right? Who cares, it's 4 people being happy VS 1 being miserable. Majority wins! I'm sure the people who can't say they don't believe in any god because it predjuices people against them and makes it harder for them to be accepted in most countries aren't happy about people believing in X. And, again, I can think Communism or Fascism are awesome if it makes me happy, but I don't think that makes them any less wrong.
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