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Well messing with the stats would essentially change the Pokemon, since it'd kinda have to follow those stats in all other games that way, otherwise it'd be set as a different Pokemon I guess. Although I agree that it would fit in with a spin-off, since they're about the only games where Pokemon don't use the same stats as in the main series, with the exception of a few. But as I also said in my previous post, spin-off's don't usually have starters, and center more around either humans or Pokemon as a main character. The only Spin-off I can recall where you're able to choose between starters would be PMD, which I've never actually played, so I can't say much for it, although I'm assuming Cosmotone is right about it. So yeah, I just don't think a Pokemon like Victini would work as a starter, even if it has the design for it, although it could be fun to have a game where the starters were Shaymin, Victini and Manaphy, since they're all small cute Pokemon, and they cover all of the typings, except they don't have 3 stage evolutions. But it'd still fit :p
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