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I've not been doing anything with this recently, due to working on Essentials instead. Motivation is another factor.

I really don't think the card summary screen is that important right now. I'd much rather get something technical working (like the Library) than be able to look at a card's details.

TheDarkShark, I'm not sure what you mean by saying that the coloured background will be a card image. The screen is the wrong shape for a card, for one.

I was thinking that the card summary screen would be identical regardless of where it was accessed from. That is, it wouldn't show damage/status/energy - that can be shown on the battlefield itself.

Originally Posted by mewlover22 View Post
so could we use this as a way to make our own tcg based games?
It will work just like the Pokémon TCG, but you can easily create your own cards for it. It's intended to be a kit, like Essentials, so you can take it and make a game out of it.
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