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    Okay, so sorry this has literally taken me a month to do. But I think I am finally finished!

    Sign-Up Sheet



    I: Normal Form

    Name: Dillon Summers

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sin: Sloth

    Virtue: Temperance

    Appearance: Dillon is a six foot one man, with light blond hair and electric blue eyes. He is fairly muscular, able to keep up with the stronger guys on his football (soccer) team. (Although he quit last year) He's also strikingly handsome. His usual clothes are black jeans, black/violet converse shoes, iconic/ironic t-shirts, and usually a jacket or hoodie of some kind. He spikes his hair up into an anime-faux hawk style hairdo, which is about two and a half inches tall, but the sides and back are buzzed down, so his haircut looks kinda stupid whenever he forgets to gel it. Also, Dillon wears a pair of purple foakleys (fake oakleys), which he always wears (whether on his shirt or on his face) He drives a motorcycle, and wears riding gloves/jackets and a violet helmet when on the road.

    Personality: Dillon is an extremely laid back guy. He doesn't care about much, not even himself. He just wants to have fun, and he does what he wants. He doesn't do what he doesn't want, and usually that is any type of work. He is friendly to people he likes, and jokes around a lot, but is a downright dickhead to people he doesn't care for. He wouldn't hesitate to bash someone for asking a dumb question, or even call them out when they lie. Otherwise, he looks out for his "bros", and usually has their back. In school, he makes great grades on tests, as he is a very intelligent man. But he doesn't ever do homework, and only does classwork when its with a group (and by do classwork I mean copy someone else) so he sits in the top 10% of his small class comfortably and carefree. He cares for his grandmother, and does what he can for her. She looked after him until he moved out a year ago, and now he visits her often to make sure she's okay. I guess you could call her his weak spot for caring. His laziness doean't often reflect on his aapearence, however. He always makes sure to dress nicely and gel his hair the right way.

    He is also a member of the marching band, and can play just about any brass instrument and the piano. (and he plays the didjeridoo to be silly sometimes) His favorite thing to do is jam on his keyboard, and he can be seen carrying it throughout the halls on occasion, playing and singing loud songs. (he's pretty average at singing) Most people either find this hilarious, awesome, or downright annoying. But he doesn't care, because he does what he wants.

    History: Dillon was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. His parents were both wealthy doctors, and Dillon was expected to follow in their footsteps. From an early age, his parents stressed the importance of making good grades, and doing well in school. Dillon was focused and amnitious as a child, always competing to be the best in the class. He didn't have to, but he studied a lot and learned extra information, usually just reading the entire textbook collection on the subject. He soon discovered that this was completely unneccesary and a waste of time, and began to dwindle in his studies. He still made top scores in class, but he slowly stopped working for it. The breaking point into full out BIRDGAFosity (B**** I Really Don't Give A F***) was when his parents died. He was 13, almost in high school, when he just completely stopped. When his parents died, he came to the conclusion that nothing really matters, and he should just do what he wants, before he dies unexpectingly. He still made good grades, but only because his perfect test average pulled up his 25% classwork/homework average. He lived with his grandmother until last year. He moved out beacause her small appartment was getting crowded for the two of them. He tried renting an appartment nearby, but he couldn't find one for the right price. He now lives with his friend George's dad's hotel, getting a special discount on a room to stay in.

    He has been doing a lot of potentially dangerous things lately, like trading in his car for a motorcycle, and recklessly stopping a convienant store robbery on his block. But he has also pretty much given up on success, not taking anything seriously. He really doesn't care if he gets in to St. Judes or not and only sent in an application to shut up his grandmother. He still shows up to work, but only because he has nothing better to do, and actually enjoys it. (he helps the middle school band as an assistant directer)

    Due to his sin, he has recently stopped caring about doing much anything, sometimes even being to lazy to eat or buy necessary groceries. Just as recently, however, he has gained a higher control over his temper and is able to stay clear minded in even the most ridiculous of situations.

    Powers: Dillon's human power of sin lets him make people fall alseep. He does so by placing his hand on their back and exporting the power of sloth into them. If they can manage to get Dillon's hand off them before they fall asleep, it will be stopped. It usually takes around 6 seconds for this power to work.
    Dillon's human power of virtue allows him to analyze things quickly and clearly, so he can plan out his actions before/if he does them.

    II: Holy Form

    Appearance: Dillon's holy form mainly changes clothing. He dons a pure white version of his black jeans, with a golden t-shirt that has a white and black piano keyboard on it. His shoes go from violet to gold, with white laces instead of black. His blonde hair turns slightly golder, and his glasses turn pure gold. His eyes go from brigt blue to livid green, and the pulsate with yellow and gold energy deep inside. He also grows a pair of large, feathery wings, the feathers being the same color as his hair.

    Artefact: "Welcome to the Temperate Zone", the sunglasses. His sense of humor shows when he names these. They are actually imbedded in his flesh, the arms behind the ears and the fronts in his face, making his eyes unseeable normally. The lenses can go transparent if he chooses, but why would he? Those shades are downright cool.


    MASSive power: Dillon can control his mass, becoming more dense to become an unmovable object, or lowering it to become intangable. This can be spred to what he is touching, though it takes more focus to do more than his clothes. He can make certain parts of his body completely intangable, but not all at once to completely dissipate into the atmosphere.. He can increase his mass to be that of about a SUV.

    Hothead: Dillon can cause people to lose some control, making them more hot headed and irrational. It mainly only adds a bit of annoyance to them, which can sprout and grow to anger and irrationality. (Also, it would not work as well on someone who knew Dillon was using this power. They would know that the annoyance was just him, and it would basically stop being annoying after that.) Dillon has to maintain this ability, because if he loses focus and stops using it, the effects will wear off.

    Mello: Dillon's presence can cause people to act more rationally and level headed around him. In a sense, they have more self control. On the average population, it generally lets them take more insults, violence, or anger before they lose their temper. Mello can also calm down the most rash of humans to the point where they actually think before they act, even once they go past anger. It would have little to no effect, however, to someone who has gone completly insane or superhuman. Much like Hothead, Dillon must concentrate on using this ability. The effects are weaker when he doesn't focus on using them, but unlike hothead they never completely go away.

    Sunlight Blades: Dillon can create swords made of pure white energy. Ironically they are gold in color, and he dubbed them sunlight blades. They are sort of like lightsabers, only much cooler looking. (think of him holding a thunderbolt as a sword) They can cut through most anything, but denser materials can stop it (like lead) They can go through common metals like steel and iron. When he summons them, they usually take the form of dual swords, but they can be smaller like knives as well. (but not any bigger than say, a claymore) The stronger he focuses on maintaining them, the more powerful they become. (Basically they wax and wane in strength based on how much energy and effort Dillon puts into them)

    III: Hell Form

    Appearance: Dillon turns into a demon representing his Sin: The Goat (Caprademon) He grows a bit larger than usual, around 6'5" and 205 Lbs. (as oppossed to his human 6'1" and 180 lbs) His skin grows black, coarse fur that resembles that of a goat. It covers everything except his hands, face, and feet. His head hair grows more bush like and black as well. Two long, goat like horns sprout from his head, each a little less than a foot long. They are yellow in coloration. He also grows two bat-like wings, which are also covered in black fur. His wingspan reaches just under ten feet, which can be quite intimidating. Finally, His eyes turn into a very brigt red, and almost look as if they are on fire.


    Willpowerups: Can boost off of people's willpower to power himself up. The more intent the enemy is on fighting him, the stronger he becomes. This is only in effect while he is fighting that enemy (as in close range combat) and cannot be spread to those around him. The only thing that affects the level of his power is the enemy's intent. Range does not have an effect. It goes away once his enemy is either dead, or they are no longer fighting. This boost grants him greater strength and speed, and at higher levels, it can even let him grow larger

    Sloth: (Real creative name, LCF....) Dillon can make people's reflexes and movements slightly slower/lazier. Although he can turn it on and off, it affects everyone (even his allies) when its on.

    Insect manipulation: Dillon can recruit insects to do his evil bidding! Even though it says insects, spiders and other arachnia can be used too. He has to be within a 5-ish meter range to recruit them, but after that they can go as far away from him as they want. They will carry out their mission from the last time they were ordered by Dillon. The misson itself would have to be rather simple, not much more than "attack this" or maybe "get this and move it over there". He can communicate with a form of telepathy, and he can use it like an email. (send to all, a specific group, or an individual)

    Webbing: Dillon can shoot webs, like spider-man! The webbing is created with chemicals his hell form produces rapidly, along with water. As long as he stays hydrated, he can create webbing.

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!