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    Originally Posted by wasabi989 View Post
    I played this version for almost 2 weeks straight already. Such a cool version. All pokemons, all moves, almost all items. Good work!

    Though I hope there will be updates because there are some errors in it. Some that I managed to encounter:

    me first - nothing happened
    round - 00pp
    echoed voice - base power should increased every turn, but tweaked to lowering Sp Def
    odour sleuth, mean look, foresight - always misses
    brine - no extra effects after the hp below 1/2
    luck incense - sometimes no increase on money gained


    roost - flying type should be gone right after the usage
    toxic spike - there is no poison effect
    dawn stone - cannot identify Snorunt gender so hard to evolve to Froslass
    Here the Luck Incense and Dawn Stone are working fine. Note that in Island the Luck Incense gives less money than Amulet Coin.

    Originally Posted by bambam112686 View Post
    thanks....... i finally got out.......... after ALOT of surfing around, but just enlighten me.......where is the second portal in the ocean stage?

    SOMEBODY POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION PLEASE!!!!!!!! I CANT FIND THE SECOND PORTAL AT ALL!!!!!!! This map shouldve had miniature islands in it similar to the whirl islands in Gold/Silver......... or some sort of traversable land masses...... small ones, maybe underground caverns or something like that........ the ocean stage would be my only complaint about this game........ other than that i would rather play this one than an actual Nintendo release....... the real pokemon games are far too short with simple storylines (rival, gym leaders, an evil group set on world domination, elite 4, champion, the end)
    A little tip about the second portal in the Sea:

    There's an "Arrow" pointing to the second portal direction near the place in the screen and near the place that you can find the Dragon Scale.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Like I said, my big mistake was putting the entrace at center and almost none Escape Ropes. Remember that finding any second portal and even going in the areas are optional. Some (few) players managed to find the second portal without any help.

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