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Originally Posted by Sukiyomi View Post
I would be so interested in this if it is do-able.
Breeding Form

Username: Sukiyomi
Pokemon: Tepig
Nickname (if want one): N/A
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant/ Impish
Ability: Blaze of course since reckless isn't out sadly
IVs: Flawless
Shiny: Yes
Egg Moves: Heavy Slam/ Grass Knot/ Wild Charge, ***, ***, ***
Hatch Location: Desert Resort/ Relic Castle
Other: or anything of your choosing if those arent possible

Thank you again
You're welcome. This should be done soon, but which nature do you want Adamant or Impish? Also, Grass Knot and Wild Charge are TMs instead of egg moves but either me or TheGr8 will teach them to it before we trade the Tepig to you.

Originally Posted by yourpaljesus View Post
Username: Yourpaljesus
Pokemon: Litwick
Nickname: zSPOOKSz
Gender: Doesnt matter
Nature: Modest
Ability: Shadow Tag (But if you can't get that, flash fire is good too. )
IVs: Near Flawless/Flawless
Shiny: No
Ball Type: Moon Ball (Or pokeball if you can't)
Other: Level one.

Ok so first Shadow Tag is an unreleased DW ability so the ability will have to be Flash Fire. Second, Moon Ball is not in 5th Gen so it will have to be a Pokeball or another ball of your choosing that is in 5th Gen. Third, if you want it Lv. 1 then I will have to breed it which means a standard Pokeball anyway. So which do you want, capture in Pokeball of your choosing but not Lv. 1 or bred in the standard Pokeball at Lv. 1? I can do either one for you but the choice is up to you.
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