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    That guy is crazy! Going out there after what just happened? Xavier began to freak out. Jimmy may have good companions, but he was no match for the living dead. He just puffed and started to head towards Standing Grace. If Professor X was going anywhere, he would need a map and jobs. After seeing Jimmy off, he took his pokeballs from one of his many pockets. "Excellent job everyone. Rest up." He returned Stark, Bulls Eye, and Clayton to their respective pokeballs that he had marke with the symbol of their respective type. He then removed the only pokeball he hadn't opened yet. "Alright Zed, let's do this." Out popped the Poliwhirl with the strangest mark on his stomach. Instead of the usual swirl on his stomach, he had a zig-zag line swirling around. No one, not even Professor Oak, knew what had caused this phenomenon. "We're going to town. I'm freaking done with zombies for now." Xavier puffed and started to head for town.

    The youth and his pokemon bodyguard had to step around the bodies, leaves, and broken twigs strewn across the battlefield. "God damnit....I need to be neater during these things." He had to be careful where he stepped, or he would get rotten flesh all over his shoes. He had done once before and he didn't want it to happen again...That was all Xavier needed to avoid until they reached town. X-Ray was jumping everytime he heard a dry twig snap. The darkness was terrifying, but the thought of zombies loomed over every thing else in his mind. Zombies! Freaking zombies! The thought was terrifying...But all thoughts of fear left his mind when he walked through the town border. He was too tired to do anything else, so Xavier just pulled out his sleeping bag and sleeping roll, layed them down between a couple buildings and crawled in. "Return Zed." He returned the Poliwhirl to its pokeball and fell asleep.
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