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    Me (main attraction~)
    Well, I named my main girl Ami. None of you have read them, but I've written poems, and Ami is my fave OC next to Hi (means Fire), Muko (means Void), and Kuro Rose (Means Black Rose XD).

    My Rival (the extra who tags along)
    My Rival was named after another OC, In the same poem as Ami. I named him Akira~

    My Team (I just started the game an hour ago and played for twenty minutes, so be nice)
    Starter Oshawott = Dewdrop. Tribute to my starter in Black (Named Dewey. lv100 Dewott, haha)
    New Purrloin = Elicia. Just a random name that seemed to fit...
    This account is dead and has been for a long time.
    I did, however, remake it on August 09, 2014. You can find my new location here.