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    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    4. If the remakes come out in 2013 there gonna come out for the DS. I've tried being nice but in all Seriousness there gonna finish the last main games on the same system they started the gen. People say the DS is a dead system , what they mean to say is 1) no ones buying them as much anymore(that's because so many people have them. and 2) not many other games are coming out for them.
    My response is so ? The lack of other DS games doesn't mean a pokemon game won't sell. And a pokemon game well sell better on the DS than the 3ds. I believe the term dead system is a fan used term and not a company used term. I could be wrong tho
    Besides the promoting of the 3ds can start with gen 6 in 2014. Of course I could be wrong and will gladly admit it if i am
    There's two games slated for release on the DS in 2013, and their both crappy licensed games. Why would they release a multi-millon dollar franchise on a console that's been outdated for two years? This has happened to Pokemon three times before, and it'll happen again.

    Originally Posted by KingCyndaquil View Post
    I'm sticking to my guns for a February announcement though, so, of course, depending on how things turn out with the Mystery Dungeon game we might see one not to long after.
    Yeah, they revel something big every February, so I'm saying February too.

    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    On another note, now that B2W2 has been released pretty much everywhere I think people will be more adamant on RS remakes now, unless the next game to be released is Gen VI which I highly doubt since it wont have even been a year since B2W2 assuming it is released next year then surely it's going to be a mainstream game?
    It isn't out of the question for gen 5 to be 3 years, if they don't have remakes. gen 1 and 2 were 3 years. For all we know, gen 3 and 4 would have been 3 years if they didn't have remakes.

    I would say 2013 would just be a year were there's not a mainstream Pokemon game, but the anime says otherwise.
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