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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    B2W2's quick Localization may just be because more than half the info for localizing was already localized. With only a handful of new things needing new localizations. If we get a new game it may take a full time to localize.

    As for reasoning for next game, there isn't much to support Ruby/Sapphire remakes with Gen 5 already having closure. They can, but at this point they don't have to. All other "patterns" for remakes were already broken, there haven't been any hints in the Anime,
    although there is a Kanto hint with TR's departure.
    The anime is almost over so we'll have to wait and see, though there isn't anything left for Ash to do in Hoenn so I can't see him going back for any reason that we already know about game wise.

    Kanto's remakes have Ash go back to Kanto for the Battle Frontier and Johto Remakes had Lyra appear in Sinnoh. Team Plasma is pretty much non-existant in the anime since they canceled the debut episode, so all that's left for Ash to do is compete in the Tournament which is usually around the area that we'd get next gen hints.

    Although Masuda debunked the "Patterns" publicly, we still have nothing to go on with Gen 5 completely wiping the slate clean. Next games are still up in the air, though there isn't really any reason to prolong Generation 5 anymore. Gamefreak pretty much rushed Gen 5 to its early retirement and with this rush, we have a better chance of getting 3DS Gen 6 and then Remakes. (Which is what I'm hopin so that we can get the console pattern solidified which could make it easy to predict when D/P remakes come into play.)

    To be honest I wouldn't mind if they skipped the remake and came out with gen 6 on the 3ds in 2013
    But if gen 6 isn't ready for a 2013 release then the remakes should come