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It's about time I joined this! Woooooooooooo atheism!

What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?
Same-sex marriage? Go ahead! Why would I be against something that makes two people happy? As for abortion, I'm pro-choice. In my opinion, it's the mother's choice, as the baby won't feel pain/isn't really a baby yet when abortion is still an available option. I am against the death penalty, however. Since I don't believe in an afterlife, cutting someone's only chance at the world short seems horrible to me. Even if they've done terrible things, they still deserve the one chance they have. That's the idealistic version of my view on it. In all actuality, I believe this up to a point, but...but there are people like Hitler.

Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
Well of course I wasnt talking about christianity. I was talking about a hypothetical illogical belief that made someone happy and didnt hurt anyone else. Heres the wikipedia page for Thelema. Also, assuming your a man, dont you find the idea of two gay man having sex disgusting? If not go watch a video of a guy getting rammed and tell me that isnt disgusting. And most gay people I have met, I would not like them if they were straight. Sorry if Im not too coherent, Im high. If your allowed to say that here. If not then Im not high.
As we all know, Andy is extremely anti-gay. He even supplies churches with their facts about how dangerous being a homosexual is, and why it should be illegal. He's an inspiration to us all! *sobs from inspiration*

(Okay, I apologize for the extreme sarcasm, but it felt somewhat warranted/I'm just kidding )

Anyway... Here's what I don't get. You say, "Whats wrong with believing something illogical if it makes you happy but doesn't hurt anyone else?"

So why is something that is completely logical, makes people happy and doesn't hurt anyone else (I'm referring to gay marriage here, presuming you're against gay marriage since you seem to be against gay sex (if not sorry for this little rant)) not okay by you? I guess I can't say it's hypocritical, since they're slightly different ideas, but your ideology confuses me a bit. If you're okay with potentially lying to someone or a group of people or society, just to make them happy, then why aren't you okay with - just letting people be happy, without criticism?

And furthermore, the problem with believing in something illogical just to be happy... well while they say ignorance is bliss, it's still ignorance. And ignorance is dangerous to the ignorant person, everyone else, and well, the world. :/