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    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    To be honest I wouldn't mind if they skipped the remake and came out with gen 6 on the 3ds in 2013
    But if gen 6 isn't ready for a 2013 release then the remakes should come
    Not completely true. As I said, Gen 5 reset all we know about Pokemon release. We could get a whole year with nothing new and get a new Generation game in 2014 or even remakes in 2014.

    My point was, that right now what comes out next is a two way street. One street remakes, the other Generation 6. We also don't have to have a new main game so close either. Releasing in 2014 will be a two year gap between B2W2 and Gen 6 which makes perfect sense if we can still use old information.

    Nintendo is releasing the new PMD this coming November in Japan, they'll give more than three months reprieve for a major title like that even if it is a spin off. Yes, we should receive information about the next game in February at the earliest, but there is no guarantee we'll get any information on a new release then either.

    Now why did I say Nintendo would give, the PMD is becoming a fairly well known and requested Spin off. It doesn't sell as well as main titles, but its something that's slowly growing. Being the second Pokemon game for the 3DS and one to fully test its capabilities with 3D images instead of sprites, Nintendo stands to benefit from at least watch what happens with the games.

    If the games are received well enough, both locally and internationally, then they can try to produce a main title of the same caliber. This is just what I think the reason why they pushed PMD for the 3DS over pulling it out on the DS with the rest of the Gen 5 games. Gen 5 is another Generation that split its games between two generations of consoles, the last one I can remember being Generation 3 with PMD Red and Blue. There was at least one generation 3 game for the DS thanks to that spin off. While spin offs don't mean that much, its an experiment that stands to help the company benefit with future endeavors. Especially with future console switches.

    We could also end up with another generic spin off in the gap between Generations (back to 5 and 6) I mean Remakes only serve to tie us over until the next major title is released. If they are ready to move to Gen 6 then they are ready, which is one of the theories as to why Gen 5 was rushed the way it was.

    Originally Posted by KingCyndaquil View Post
    I have a strong feeling that the anime is going into a filler or something, so the chance of a remake in 2013 is 50/50 now but im going with remakes remember February (where they ALWAYS announce something big) is 4 months away, and the anime feels.... incomplete
    If they don't fill the anime with fillers leading up to the tournament, then we're sure to get some after the tournament. We pretty much have to. Though chances are we'll get another Orange Island spin off filler. Unless they plan to air reruns for an entire year or start a new short term Anime. Either way, Unova is almost over. We have a very short period to wait for the Anime which may end in February if not in January for its hints for what's to come.