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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Sugimori only draws concept/finished work, he doesn't directly work on the games. There weren't any new Pokemon to be designed this course other than Keldeo, the new Therian forms and Kyurem's Black and White forms.

I haven't seen anywhere that said Sugimori didn't draw Rosa, Nate, Colress, or any of the new forms.

Sugimori also doesn't do Box work for the remakes either from what I remember. So he wouldn't be involved with remakes either.

Remakes would also be place holders between main game titles. Gen 5 has two main game titles unlike past generations which had Special Versions.
Sugimori stated in an old Tweet that he only drew the BW Pokemon, protagonists, professors, N, and Ghetsis. Check the cards with official art for the other BW trainers, and for B2W2 characters such as Colress; they are credited to Yusuke Ohmura.

He did draw the boxart for FireRed and LeafGreen, as stated in an old Nintendo guidebook. Not sure about the boxes of HGSS though.

Either way, I definitely think there will be RSEmakes. Junichi Masuda loves them so much, and many fans want to see them remade. Even if it's not directly a remake, but rather new stories set in Hoenn, I wouldn't mind.

As for whether it will be gen 5 or not, I think gen 5 is over now, and gen 6 will either start with its new games, or with these RSEmakes.
I'm not sure if RSE has actually been officially placed in the "timeline" as being at the same time as RGBY/FRLG, but I think it can be placed at any other time and not mess anything up. Unless I'm missing something, in which case please feel free to let me know! (Really! I'd rather know!)