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One small comment I could make is that you might want to change the name of your main trainer. "Ethan" is the name of the male trainer from HG/SS, and some readers might automatically insert him in the story instead of your own original trainer.

To help with the starting location, think about what Haruza would do after leaving Magma. If he's still interested in archaeology, he might be near the desert where the fossils are located. Maybe even in Rustboro with the guy that's trying to revive fossils. Or he might be near the volcano if he wants to keep his eye on Magma and thinks/knows that they could always strike the volcano area for Groudon (which they do in the games). Or he might be in a bigger town so he could hide better in case Magma is looking for him.

As for the personalities, the way that works for me is to just write the story. Or just write random scenes. That way, you'll get some idea of how the characters will react to certain situations, and work from there. Or if you wanted to, you can find character creation questions online that ask details about the characters you want to make up, and supposedly that helps you learn more about them.

Magma could use the gems to create a mass amount of Pokemon that could help them fight and get Groudon. Or just to fight back against anyone who tries to stop them by using surprising Pokemon. I'm not clear on how the gems decide what Pokemon to create. Like why Slugma made of water? Are the gems controllable (can the person choose in any way what the Pokemon species would be?) and will Haruza study the bodies to find out more about the gems? He left Magma in a hurry after the gems were discovered, so like maybe he could study them a bit to find out a weakness or even just how they work.

And I don't know what's the point of Ethan's mother being deathly ill. If he leaves her anyhow, why didn't he do that before? And does her illness mean anything to the plot overall? Or was it just a way to keep Ethan in town long enough for him to be chosen by the professor and then picked for the plot of the story.

That's just some questions you can try to figure out to get more details on the plot. It's just what I noticed that could help you fill in details and maybe get started.
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