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Why hello, new members! It's nice to meet you all. Hope you've all been enjoying your stay on PC so far. n_n

Originally Posted by Schultzkid92 View Post
Hello members of PC im new to this site but not Pokemon i looking for ppl to trade with so i can till my Pokedex and my Favorite Pokemon is Pikachu and Raichu also mostly Electric Types just Call me Tim hope to do trades with you all in the near Future
as of now the only Pokemon Games i got are HG SS Black & White Black 2 which i loved plan on Getting Diamon Pearl and Platnium
Hello, Tim, welcome! If you're wanting to trade, I'd recommend looking through the Trade Corner section of the site. You'll be able to find plenty of trades there! If you're offering less than 20 Pokemon, post in the Quick Trade thread rather than creating a trading shop, though. Happy trading and enjoy your stay here. :D

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