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Somewhere, in Rustboro City...

Jack Hanan stops in front of an old building. Formerly a deli, the building had been sold back to the bank when it's owner went bankrupt and moved away. Now, it was rented out to a gentleman who wished to remain unknown. He might have had more success in that endeavor if he hadn't introduced himself by his full name and title everywhere he went. Jack approaches the door, knocking as he enters. "Professor Birch? Are you here?"

He is, and he looks up from his desk at the sound of the knock. His hand subtly moves toward a Pokeball on the desk, looking cautiously at the boy entering his temporary lab. "Yes, I'm over here. What can I do for you?"

Jack approaches, casually hooking his thumbs on his pockets. "I'm interested in Pokemon, and understand that you're the man to see about getting one." He glances around the small store, nodding at various things. "Love what you've done with the place. It has a real 'thrown together last minute' feel to it. Cozy."

Birch shakes his head, turning away. "Sorry, kid. I don't give out Pokemon anymore. Ask your parents or something."

Jack winces, rubbing his neck. "Yeah... About that... I haven't seen them that much lately. They've been too busy with their Team Galactic... things. They've been gone all week. You're basically my only choice now. And it'd be nice to get something to keep the Rattatas off my heels when I'm in town."

The Professor slowly turns back, thinking. "Team Galactic, huh? You know, witha connection to them, and an inquisitive mind like yours, I think we can help each other out." He suddenly leaps up, grabbing a Pokedex off the table. In his haste, he tears open a pocket on his lab coat, spilling out several Pokeballs. "Ah! The balls at your feet contain Pokemon! Choose one and it's yours!"

Jack is surprised, but he won't look a gift Ponyta in the mouth. "Really? Let's see what we've got here!" He prods a few balls, inspecting the Pokemon within. "Blue mouse, no... pink cat, no... metal... thing, tempting..." He opens a ball containing a bright red chicken, which chirps in a serious, but curious way. "... Bright red chicken. I must have it!" He scoops her up, petting her head gently as he hugs her loosely to his chest.

Birch grabs the balls, stuffing them in a pocket. "You want the Fire-Type Torchic? Excellent choice! She's young, but very serious. I'm sure you'll get along famously!"

Jack ruffles Torchic's head feather playfully. "Fantastic! I shall name her Pollo! Back in the ball, Pollo!" He returns Pollo to her ball, putting it in his coat pocket.

Birch hands Jack the Pokedex and 10 empty balls. "Take these as well. In exchange for Torch- uh, Pollo- you'll take these Pokeballs and Pokedex, and use them as you see fit. The Pokedex records data on Pokemon, so it'll be a useful tool on your trip. The balls catch Pokemon, obviously. Now, I want you to go out, and do what kids do when they go on a journey. Have fun, catch Pokemon, battle others, take down a criminal orginization..."

"Wait, what was that last one?"

"Not important! There's a wide world out there! Go and see it!" Birch proudly points to the door, eyes full of adventure.

Jack seems to share his optimism. "A whole world... This sounds great! Where should I start?" He ponders for a moment, rubbing his chin in thought.

Birch just smiles, his plan now in motion. He clears his throat, fishing something out of his pocket. "If I might make a suggestion? There is a ship, reserved for Trainers like yourself. I happen to have a ticket for it. Consider it a gift, and an idea on where to start. It's called the S.S. Libra II, and it'll be leaving Dewford in a few days. I think you should go."

Jack grabs the ticket, bowing his head in respect and shaking Birch's hand in gratitude. "I can get th, ere quickly. I know someone who owes my parents, and by extension me, a favor. I'll be on that ship. I hope to see you again, Professor! As the saying goes, allons-y!" He tips his hat as he heads off. He pops back in. "That's French. For 'let's go.' In case you were wondering..." He leaves.

Later, after cashing in his favor, he finds himself in the Dewford Marina, where the S.S. Libra awaits. He casually slides ona pair of sunglasses, Pollo perched on his arm. He approaches the Libra, pulling out his ticket as he does. He hands it to the guard, never slowing or breaking his stride, walking up the ramp without incident.

"Chic!" Pollo chirps happily.

Jack laughs, patting her head lightly. "Indeed! Now, adventure awaits us! But first, I see a waiter serving cold drinks!"