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Ok, time for another one of my wonderful suggestions that I never seem to get any positive feedback on xD

I wanted to suggest the addition of a feature to allow certain people to edit your post.

This popped into my mind when I was thinking about how people Co-Hosted Pokemon Clubs if only one person could edit the Club (Yes I know the answer ;p)
So, this is one way this feature could be helpful, for people who Co-Host a club, and they want all the owners to be able to edit the Club Opening Post.

Other than that I'm sure this could come in handy sometime, somewhere, maybe you guys have some ideas on other uses for it, but the only con I can see right now is that people might abuse it/be careless and things could get crazy and people get mad cuz such and such changed my thread in a way I don't like...blah...blah...blah, but this can be avoided if you have to get mod approval. I'm not sure if "mod approval needed" is possible, but that would solve the possible whining/problem I quoted earlier.
So guys, please put your thought into this, thanks :3
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