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    Originally Posted by sab View Post
    I thought that there were special emulators that could rip them as a .gbs file?
    I wasn't aware of this. However, from what I know, .gbs files aren't in any sort of format that could be made compatible with neither. s files used in Sappy nor MIDI files. Do those .gbs files come in a format that can be read through a text/code editor? Just curious.

    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Well, the incompatibility of the two comes from the fact that the code Mastermind_X wrote up isn't exactly the best way of handling the music swaps. For example, with a more complex and robust music changer, then having both would be rather easy. If someone would go through all the trouble of making GSC 8-bitish songs in good quality for CrystalDust, then I would certainly put in this feature (and CrystalDust includes the more robust music-swapping code I talked about).
    Ah, that's why I said it'd be complicated and a bit messy, not impossible. I know it's possible, considering Jambo51 said as such before. Of course, I'm happy to see that you've managed to do so in a relatively sensible manner for CrystalDust!

    As for those 8-bit songs, I might actually be able to make some tracks to suit your purposes! As of right now, I'm remastering my 8-bit songs for FireRed. How, exactly? Well, I've resorted to actually looking at the disassemlbed code (and, in some cases, the RAW code) from the original Red ROM itself. I've found a correlation between the way the GameBoy handles music and how the GBA replicates those functions. Now, all my 8-bit tracks, noise instruments aside, are beginning to sound like exact replicas of the tracks played from the original game itself! They're of much higher quality than what I've most recently made available.

    ...I did have more to say after this, but I found it more appropriate to send it via PM. So, I have!
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