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    Mightyena Lvl 35: Strength Swagger Sand-Attack Bite
    Seems to have minimal coverage here, and relies too much on confounding and flinching. Might be good to sub out Sand-Attack at this level.

    Azumarril Lvl 35 Double-edge Rollout Surf
    Go with Ice Beam. An Ice-type attack is very necessary here. That will give you a wide range of coverage for your aquarabbit.

    Gloom Lvl 36 Absorb Acid Poisonpowder Sleep Powder
    Two status moves isn't exactly the best idea here, especially when your attack options are limited.

    Gardevoir Lvl 33 Confusion Calm Mind Thunderbolt Psychic
    Ditch Confusion for Shadow Ball, and you've got a nice special attacker here.

    Blaziken Lvl 40 Bulk Up Peck Double Kick Blaze kick
    Good set for right now. Covers plenty of types.

    You're definitely going to need something that knows Fly, since this is in Hoenn and trekking back and forth isn't exactly the best option. Salamence and Altaria are definite possibilities there, or possibly ditching Gloom for Tropius and putting something like an Aggron, Armaldo, or Manectric on your team. There are plenty of options, and choosing the right one for you is crucial - it might be wise to play around with a few different things to see what balances.