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Like the others, I'd recommend Salamence or Manectric for your team.

Even though Dragon was a special-based type in Gen 3, and Salamence has higher Attack, its Flying-type moves should get the job done. Fly does get STAB on it and it has good stats to work with.

Manectric is a pretty good choice if you are seeking an Electric-type since it has good Special Attack and its also pretty fast, since Electric is a special-based type in Gen 3, most of its Electric attacks should hit pretty hard.

Also, I recommend you evolve your Gloom into either Vileplume (Leaf Stone) or Bellossom (Sun Stone) cos it has better stats after it evolves. Giga Drain is a nice move since it's special-based (the Oddish line's Special Attack is higher than Attack) and it gives you free healing. Gloom will be weak in the later levels if you don't evolve it.
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