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    Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
    Yeah the people who made it are in fact experts who have made the entire engine probably in C++. The industry standard.

    at the college level you shouldn't be learning such things. Besides, GML is not a good language to learn its sloppy it teaches you bad programming habits. Its like trying to shoot fish in a barrel. Your not gonna learn algebra in college are you? No your expected to go into college knowing algebra.

    As I said above GameMaker is very basic, its like the ABC blocks a baby would use. There is not one area of professional game development that I know of that your experience with GameMaker will be beneficial. Since this is a college class I assume you want to develop games seriously. You'll see soon enough that GameMaker will not help you reach that goal.

    As a hobbyist GameMaker wouldn't be a bad toy. If you want to seriously develop games you'll need to look into more professional languages. It doesn't necessarily have to be C++, it could be Java, Python, LUA, C, C++, C# or other languages that engines use such as UnityScript or UnrealScript.
    I presume the way you describe college you're out of the UK area.
    In UK college is a High school level, i think, of America.
    University is where you need to know all the stuff before entering.

    And besides I come to college to learn not to show what I know. It's a waste of money otherwise.

    ANyway, Last night I started working on dungeons, but no screenshot yet...
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