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This wonder they have F-rank disguises. Fine.
Me: Shurara! Find a creature for me, will you? One that has flowers on its back.
Shurara: Affirmative. Found it in the Pacific Ocean.
Me: Seriously...Fine. Zekrom! Take me there! To the Pacific Ocean we go!

Me: Gah! What's this fog? Zekrom! Bolt Strike, please...


Me: N-not to me...Now I smell like fried chicken...Thanks...t-to you...

I fall down to the Pacific Ocean. Later on, I'm surely dead. Uh, corrupted. I'm alive, but in the Distortion World. Shaymin is there too. And then Giratina was there...

Me: S-shaymin? Heeey, come here! You too, Giratina.
Giratina: Yes?
Me: Can you get me out of here? But don't land me in the Pacific Ocean!
Giratina: Affirmative. Down to Keron you go!
Me: Keron?


Me: Well, at least you're safe.
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