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    Originally Posted by c1234321 View Post
    I found it! At the end where it says "This are real state secrets we're working with here." The 'this' should be a 'these.' Oh and I just noticed. Where it says "agree Blaine distractedly" it should be "agreeD Blaine distractedly."
    Cheers. Must've missed those.

    Originally Posted by darkpokeball View Post
    Awesome new chapter! Been looking at this fic for a while! Once more, it had me all the way until the very end, and once more, I was impressed. Looking forwards to the third chapter.

    On a side-note, how long is this story going to be? Just out of curiosity.
    Thanks. I don't actually know how long this is going to be. I think it might end up being somewhere shorter than my usual long chaptered fics, but not too much longer; I have the main plot twist in my head, but there are several places it could go after that. Business as usual for me, I guess.

    Thank you all for reading!


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