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Originally Posted by Lunafloon View Post
I joined the club ages ago I believe! But it was years ago, probably 2009/10 since that's when I got my last shiny! If I need to rejoin just say so but for now I'll assume no if that's okay! :3

Anyways, as I said, I haven't found a shiny, bar the red Gyarados, since 2010 which was my shiny Chikorita, Hibiscus, who's now a beautiful yellow Meganium. I stopped shiny hunting for personal reasons and just never picked it back up. Might have been nice to find a random encounter shiny but no!
Regardless, with the release of Pokémon White 2 and remembering and rereading this thread I'm in a shiny hunting mood again! So depending how long it takes me to at least beat the Elite 4 in White 2, I'd like to participate in either the October challenge or wait until November, though I do love Ghost types so a Ghost type shiny would be nice!

Just popping in I guess to reintroduce myself! I'm hoping I can become an active member, or at least semi-active, but if I don't then feel free to forget me. I always struggle with forums and the "being social" thing in general!

On that note, does anyone know of any cute black or orange shinies I can look for? Also, congrats to everyone who got a shiny in the 2 years I was gone, I don't think I need to list them!
Cacnea comes to mind for Orange shinies, but other than that, i really have no idea. Check Serebii's page's for that
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