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    Originally Posted by crystalzapdos View Post
    There's two games slated for release on the DS in 2013, and their both crappy licensed games. Why would they release a multi-millon dollar franchise on a console that's been outdated for two years? This has happened to Pokemon three times before, and it'll happen again.
    Because they Released a multimillion dollar game for the DS on a system you say is outdated for 1 year. As mention GF wants to get pokemon games in as many people's hand as possible and the best way to do that is to put it on the DS. This especially makes sense because they would be finishing the gen on the same platform leaving the shock value of a game on a 3ds for a new generation.
    Now you said GF has done this before , I'm not sure what you mean. If your talking about crystal being on the game boy color while GS was on the pocket, I'd say that's completely different. Can you really compare the differences between the game boy and the GB color with the DS and the 3ds? Not fairly you can't . The difference between a pokemon game on the 3ds and a DS is the game cards are massively larger , so that means better graphics bigger maps and so on. Also it's the system itself with street pass and other stuff. So if they make the remakes on the 3ds (1) it couldn't be to its full Potential because its still gonna have to communicate to BW and BW2 as far as trading and random matchup (2) it will have all the works but with stuff like street pass and other stuff there would only be the two games that can do that. That's TWO GAMES OUT OF SIX ......... Now that doesn't make any sense. I want a pokemon game on the 3ds to take full advantage of the 3ds capabilities without alienating other games of the gen, not some watered down game just to just promote a system that i bought when it first came out or to Appease fans who think there experts by saying what a bad move it will be on GF part not to release a main 3ds game in 2013. And the only way we won't get that is if we wait to put a brand new generation on the 3ds.

    If you meant that all pokemon games eventually move to the next platform, well duh. I mean nobody here believes that pokemon should stay on the DS. At least what I think is that it should finish out gen 5 ( if we get the remakes for gen 5. And if we get them next year) on the same system line especially when you take into account that those of us who bought a 3ds can still play it and the fact that GF would ONLY BE WAITING A YEAR to release a game on the 3ds. And if they can't afford to wait a year they got much bigger problems.
    Think of gen 5 on a ds as gas and the 3ds as a car that runs on sunlight(lol weird I know) now there's still not enough people with sun running cars but those who have them can still run on gas. So while there will have to be a change eventually ,there are more people with cars( game system ) that can run on gas (DS games) than solar energy.
    So in the long run more money would be made if the remakes are put on the DS. I say this because most hard core gamers and pokemon cans already have the 3ds and those who felt they can wait, I don't see them rushing out to buy one just to play a watered down remake. They would most likely wait to a full fledge 3ds pokemon game comes out and maybe catch the remakes later.