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    Kanto - Fuchsia City (by the water... that's about it)
    Johto - Goldenrod City... (Magnet Train)
    Hoenn - Sootopolis City... just look at it.
    Sinnoh - Snowpoint City. I love the snow.
    Unova - Castelia City... just so much going on. I love it.

    Flygon- Status - COMPLETE - Male, Lv. 100 (Thanks JeXsus!)
    Magmortar- Status - COMPLETE - Female, Lv. 50 (Thanks LiveWire!)
    Electivire- Status - COMPLETE - Male, Lv. 100 (Thanks LiveWire!)

    Espeon- Status - Eevee
    Umbreon- Status - COMPLETE - Male, Lv. 57
    Milotic- Status - Complete - Male, Lv. 50

    The reason an R is in my name is because I mistyped it... lol