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1. Size of the Signature:
600px x 150px

2. Background Colors or Background Image:
Dark Purpleish and any other colours that go with that.

3. Render or Image ( post the link, of course ):
i28. tinypic .com/ v2tc8m. jpg (Remove the spaces, can't post links yet)

4. Text you want on your signature:
Title: PokeInfuse
Slogan: It's not the dream you enjoy, its the reality you're escaping you don't.

5. Font and Color of Font:
PokeInfuse: (Thin Design . Found on
Slogan: (English . Found on

6. Additional Touches:
Whatever you think will make it look nice. I respect your artistry

7. Border (rounded or pointy):
Pointy please

8. Matching Avatar?
Indeed. Normal PokeCommunity size.