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    Sorry it took so long, but I ended up making a completely different SU for the female character you wanted. Hopefully, my prayers to the Holy Burrito, the Omnipotent 4th Meal of Cleansing, will be answered. Or tell me if I need to change anything, if necessary.

    Name: Alexandria Cattiebrie
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Alex(as she prefers to be called) is a little less than 5 1/2 ft tall, with a well toned, but not overly muscular body, with an average bosom. While her dark brown, naturally curly hair would only reach to a little below her shoulders if just hanging loose dry, if it gets soaked it would fall to a few inches above the knees. Most days she lets her hair hang loose, where it sits almost like a lions mane, she will occasionally tie her hair up in a ponytail if she gets tired of having hair in her face. She has light blue eyes which seem to glow, especially in low light conditions. However, since her eyes are sensitive to light, she is almost wearing wire frame sunglasses, which she keeps on her head when not in use.

    Alex usually wears a black long sleeved underarmor with a thick, dark green vest lined with pockets, a few large ones on the outside, and a few more hidden on the inside for good measure. She tucks the black under armor into a comfortable pair of blue jeans, and a basic leather belt with a flat, round, bronze colored Pokeball just for good measure. Alex has a large satchel she carries around that she usually keeps any valuables in. As for makeup, she sort of forgets about it, as it takes long enough to get her hair under some form of control.

    When it all boils down, Alex believes in one thing, persistence. If you want something changed about your life, you have to do it yourself. People close to her have compared her to a Tauros, either charging into something so hard that everything in her way gets out of the way or knocked out, or so stubborn that it would take a forklift to move(not literally). She is slow to trust, but also slow to judge, but once she makes a decision, she tends to keep it for a long time, whether for better or for worse. She is very self sufficient(or at least, thinks she is), and has trouble asking for help, even when in desperate need of it.

    In recent times, with all the destruction and stress caused by the legendary Pokemon, Alex has taken some small solstice in writing. Mostly just short poems and the such. She keeps it hidden in one of the inner pockets of her vest, and is unlikely to show anyone unless she really trust them, at least, willingly.....

    While she grew up in what most would call a middle class lifestyle, comfortable, but not luxurious, one could argue that even then 3 brothers(2 older and 1 younger) are tough to deal with when you are the only other girl in the family(other than the mother). She tended to spend a lot of time with her mother in the early years of her life, but eventually warmed up to her brothers, even learning things like basic first aid out in the wilderness and basic survival technique. Alex's dad worked for a popular company, while for most of her life, her mother stayed at home unless absolutely necessary, because she was a fiction writer. Not famous or anything, but she made some income. Nothing of real merit ever happened to them, and they lived a mostly peaceful life, until that happened.

    She doesn't really know to this day if their parents always fought, or if it was more recent, but at around the age of 12, they started having big fights. They never said themselves what they were fighting about, but they eventually broke up half a year later. The father moved to the big city, closer to work, while the mother stayed in the original house. Around once a month, they would change custody, from the mother to the father, and vice-versa. When the Legendary dragons attacked, they were in the middle of such a transit. Sounds of destruction could be heard from everywhere, and they think they only avoided it because they were in a forest at the time. While Two brothers choose to go see if the father was ok, Alex and the oldest brother(Only because she didn't have a Pokemon) went to see if the mother was ok. On the way, they met with a guy in a lab coat who sprained his ankle, and brought him back to their house. While most of the house was destroyed, the mother survived through the use of an underground tunnel built under the house by the last owner. After some talking with the boss, the lab coat wearing guy revealed himself to be researcher who worked for a Professor, and was told to offer one of the research Pokemon and a Pokedex for helping him. As long as she agreed to meet in person.

    Starter Pokémon: Buneary