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Look for gaps and weaknesses, it will have alot, since it is an all dragon team

Alright well my first entrant is giratin! Yey
Giratina @griseous orb
252 ev in atk 252 ev in speed

Dragon tail
Shadow force
Its fly, but I've been thinking of switching fly for a fighting move (great type coverage)

My goal is to use toxic and dragontail till all of opponets pokemon are poisonef and weakened. Once achieved I can hack away at hp using shadow force... Jst Giratina itself can probably defeat an ok team... BUT lets say it gets knockef out. It would probably be cause of a dragon type, an ice type, psychic, dark or ghost. So my next pokemon is out to counter those.

Latios @ soul dew
252 ev spatk, 252 ev speed

Focus blast/ aura sphere

Normally I would put calm mind somewhere on this latios but because Giratina already poisoned and injured the pokemon, it'll be overkill. Latios already has exceptionally good special attack. Well all of his moves defend Giratinas weakneses so that speaks for itself

Finally the one and only terra shark!!

Garchomp @yache berry
252 ev attack, 252 ev speed

Dragon claw

He only needs 1 swordance and he becomes unstopable... But he'll probably jst use earthquake in his 1st move to end the battle c[: