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    Originally Posted by MrGriszell View Post
    I firmly believe that so much advancement has been made since RS has been released just the simple mechanical upgrade would change a lot in the remakes. But I do agree that a kinda new approach needs to be taken , so instead of just copy and paste remake, let's get an reimagining of RS it would relatively stay the same in basic plot but let's be able to add a crap load more. New charecters , new areas keep the same villains but change the plot in the way they do things. Give the gym leaders and eliet 4 some back story, give them side jobs. Give team aqua and team magma boss a much deeper reason why they are doing the things they are doing. Give the champion a bigger role. Give us a new rival , Make May just the alternative gender charecter. Or give her a different role, maybe she could be your Bianca with the pokemon weaker to yours.
    There is sooooo much they can do with these remakes. All I want is an awesome post STORY BASED game .
    THANK YOU! Man I hated that they didn't give you a real rival with a burning passion, I hope for all of this plus a PWT return.

    I'm hoping that they improve the story a lot give the story some depth, even though "remake" basically means copy & paste versions I hope this is a case like BW2 where they rehash the story and sort of start from scratch with R/S/E as a base.

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