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You guys are arguing for what does not make sense. Plus, no Scientist didn't say Arceus created the universe. Arceus was ASLEEP. Did any of you even watch the movie? We finally know that Arceus is the creator by watching the movie. Cynthia was the first person to find out about Arceus in the games when she started researching. She said that in Celestic cave, the 'thing' in the middle wasn't Giratina, and it is of a more powerful being. This is concluded in HGSS when she recognizes if you have an Arceus in your party
For those of you who say science is involved in feeding info to arceus, watch the movie and replay all the games.
For those of you who say Arceus is only prior to Sinnoh; play Heartgold and go to the Sinjoh ruins.
And for the record the creators of the movie DO work with Gamefreak. Where else would they get the info? Where will they get the rights?

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