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    Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
    You admit your stance against homosexuality then proceed to state that you're high, basically all in one sentence. Who chooses which morals you follow and the ones you ignore? Or do you only adhere to the ones that affect you? (e.g. If you were a gay Christian, you would be against/ignore Pauls' passages about homosexuality. Or if you enjoyed getting high, you would ignore the law and the Bibles' strict attitude towards following the law of the land you live in and retaining a healthy, earthly body.)

    When I see young people walking in their ignorant parents' footsteps I feel so sorry for them. It's like when a parent chooses which outfit a child will have to suffer with, but in this case what personality and beliefs they will wear to make the public suffer.

    You're a product of ignorance and you don't even know it, and that is what is dangerous. When you can captivate the hearts and minds of young, impressionable people you harm and stall the progress of humanity. When you have people who believe God can make a planet out of nothing, so much as to worry not of the consequences of our actions on the environment, you put everything at risk; therefore, it is extremely dangerous to choose to be ignorant to things because you find them unsettling. Sure, you'd make people happy by telling them the Sun will never expand and engulf the Earth. But they won't be happy when the Sun is approaching and it is too late to do anything about it.

    (Trying to explain how ignorance can be dangerous. I really hope that is the topic, if not I'll edit this~~)
    Ill say this again, I am not a christian. I do not believe in the bible, in its entirety. And to answer your question, yes I just pick and choose what parts of the bible I want to believe in and I just do whatever I want regardless of what the law says. I get that my view on homosexuality is pretty much baseless and illogical. But its my choice, I can think whatever I want. Theres not really too much to argue about when it comes to my view on homosexuality. And your last paragraph was kind of ridiculous. If a planet doesnt come from nothing where does it come from? Either the material to make it was already there or it wasnt and it came from nothing. And if it didnt come from nothing where does the material that to make it come from? The Big Bang? Who/what created the big bang? How is it extremely dangerous to choose to be ignorant about things you find unsettling, especially when those things are irrelevant to your life or unproven. Maybe the sun never will expand and engulf the earth. And if it does, scientists say it wont be until long after we are dead so it wont affect us in any way. They will be dead before the Sun is approaching and it is too late to do anything about it.

    BTW, what is the general atheist view on recreational drug use?