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    Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
    As impossible as this sounds, I really do think the new features (with the exception of the keys) were made after the release of BW.Game Freak has been developing high quality games rather quickly lately, which is very impressive.So I don't think it's that BW were "left out," or even that it was a ploy for more money. It was just what happens to all game developers: crunch time got the better of them, and then they worked harder on their next release.
    ...wah? High quality games? B/W?
    It's nice if you like the games and all, but calling them high quality is highly inaccurate, given that the RPG mechanics are out-dated and dull (they still have random encounters. That says much.), and the questionable design decisions that surround both games still exist. B/W and B/W2, are by far, the most flawed Pokemon main games to date. While it does have great pacing (it's actually fast) and is a great introduction to the series, it is far from a high quality game.

    Pokemon never was, really. Its strongest point, which is raising and battling with bizarre creatures, is what keeps it going, and it being the first game of its kind made it the million seller it is now. The target audience are kids, who are into that kind of things, and older people who are just long-time fans. It has always been a bad RPG, but it makes up for it by being a damn good and charming collectathon game. I personally feel the charm is slowly fading away though, with the recent changes to design decision and artstyle.
    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post

    It wouldn't be smart for the developers to indugle all their ideas into one game because it would leave them with little content to work with on future releases. By releasing new features in some games, and then more in others it allows them to milk the franchise as much as possible.
    This is all there is to it. Gamefreaks are talented developers, and they can make games that are irrelevant from Pokemon. Drill Dozer is a fine example here, as it was a unique, innovative and very charming game but after it failed to be successful and became obscure they've been milking the Pokemon series, even going as far as putting tons of Pokemon references in their recent games to gain any sort of attention.

    B/W could have had all the features 2 had and more, but the above quote explains it well. You have nice new features, but considering Pokemon is a big media icon, why bother including them in your recent game when you could just release a new one with them and get twice the amount of money. It's a milked franchise, no denying it, but regardless of that it's just business, and a smart decision. Doesn't excuse how lazy B/W and 2 feel, though.

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