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I for one would rather see another region than Hoenn. It's something I've brought up quite a few times, but I don't feel like Hoenn brought forth the best designs out of the lot, and when it comes to Water Pokemon, I can't really think of any notable ones, except the ones relative to either the plot, Feebas and Milotic, or the Mudkip line, since they're all ones you're bound to encounter. I'd say, out them all, the Water types probably had the best designs, although again, I liked the ones from several other generations far better. That's just me though. And on that note, I'm gonna subtract my vote from the legendaries and move it over to the generation specifc ones, as I feel there's way more variety in that one than any of the others, and as can be seen from my previous posts, that's pretty much what I've based my choice around :p So even though my name is still on the legendaries, it's been moved to the generation specific one, as can be told from the number lol.
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