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    ⁕⁕⁕Chapter 4⁕⁕⁕
    Okay, the journey is actually getting started this time! NO JOKE!

    I'm going to send you four to the supply room now. Agent Midnight, I'd assume you know what to do.” said Adrien. He pressed a button. Four walls shot up from the floor with a SHWOOP, enclosing me, Nik, Looker, and Midnight in a perfect square, which then dropped down into the floor. Yippee. Another elevator. What is it with this guy and elevators? I sighed. At least I haven't seen any Silph stuff in here.

    The elevator PINGed and I heard a voice say, “Twenty-ninth floor. Mission supplies and briefing. If you have anything to report about this experience, please contact Silph Co through our Office Contac-”

    The message was cut off by Nik, who- I'm not kidding here -took his shoe off at threw it at the speaker from which the Silph message emanated, making it fizzle out in a burst of 'ZZZZPHhshhsh.”

    Nice! Way to shut the stupid thing up,” I said, offering him a high five.

    He batted it away. “In your dreams, loser. I'm gonna follow my dad's footsteps and become an Electric leader. I bet you won't be able beat me then. Heck, I bet you can't beat me now,” he said with a smirk.

    You asking for a challenge, kid? Do you even know who you're talking to? Know what, you got it. Soon as I can find the time, you're going down.” I shot back.

    Will you two idiots stop behaving like top'cents* and follow me?!” shouted Midnight. She was already down the hall.

    Nik galloped down the hall facing backwards, mouthing “Loser!” at me as he went, and, in the process, caused Looker to fall on his face. Looker muttered something foreign and stood up, dignity clearly sprained. He then turned to Midnight.

    Ah, madam, is this the room? I do not remember...”

    Stop calling me Madam. I'm Midnight. And of course this is the room, you idiot. Why would we have stopped here otherwise, to get a pizza? Come on.”

    She motioned for us to come. Midnight then put her hand on the door, which emitted a high pitched buzzing sound and a flash of light that made colored spots swim in front of my eyes. When they disappeared, the door was open, and was saying, “Security check completed. If you have anything to re-”

    Once again, a shoe was thrown at the microphone by Nik. It was decidedly less cool the first time, but it reminded me of something. Nik had said his father was an Electric type Gym Leader. His father was Adrien, apparently...Was Adrien also a Gym Leader? What male Electric leaders were there...I racked my brain, but all I could come up with was that fat, insane engineer man from Hoenn, Wattson, and the Kanto leader, Ltn. Surge. I knew I was missing one, but I couldn't remember it.

    Hello, sleepyhead? Are you awake? You better get going, or we'll just leave without you!” I heard Midnight shout. She was already in the room, along with Looker and Nik. They were going through a drawer full of some sort of scanning devices. Sheepishly, I walked in.
    Around ten minutes later, my bag considerably heavier, we walked out of the room.

    So, how are we supposed to get to...Hey, wait a minute, I still don't know where we're going, guys. Can someone fill me in? You promised you'd tell me, Looker,” I asked hopefully.

    Arc**, you don't know anything. We're going to Kanto, obviously,” snapped Midnight, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

    And what are we going to do when we get there?” I prompted. I wasn't about to go into this blind.

    We're going to go to the pool and put Pikachu on our heads. What do you think we're going to do? Look for Red. I swear to Arc you're the most oblivious person ever. Are all Unovans like this, or just you?”

    Realizing that I would get nothing but insults out of Midnight, I resolved to ask Looker later.

    We headed back to the elevator. It appeared to be the same one as before, as the microphone was still sparking. On the way in, Nik kicked me.

    What the heck was that for, you little brat?” I snapped, whirling around.

    What?” he said, playing dumb.

    I sighed. “Nik, you remind me why I hate ten-year-olds.”

    The elevator PINGed again, and attempted to say something, probably the name of the floor, but all that came out was “SKKKKSHHzphhhhh”

    We stepped off. We were at the lobby. How the heck did that happen? Was I too busy yelling at Nik to notice the drop down?

    I was about to take a step forward when I heard Midnight yell “DON'T!”

    I hastily pulled my foot back.

    This is ze trick floor,” said Looker. “If Maria were to have stepped there, it would have gone 'POOF!', like a cloud. It is a hologram, you see?” He took a rock out of his pocket (Why did he have that? Just don't ask.) and threw it at the ground. It disappeared. “And if you had stepped there, there would have been a Maria missing, no?”

    Why the heck is there a floor that is just a hole?” I said.

    Midnight stepped carefully on to the floor. Surprisingly, she didn't fall to her death. Darn. She stepped on another spot, and continued on like this, following some sort of pattern that only she appeared to understand. At one point, she looked around, and walked normally over to the wall and put her hand on a panel.

    The floor in front of me glowed. With a whirring sound, the spots Midnight had stepped on lit up in fluorescent blue. Nik eagerly jumped onto the first one, realized it was a bit trickier than he thought it would be, and promptly jumped back, shoving Looker forward with a “You go first!”

    After everyone was across, Midnight pulled a long, silver cord out of her Silph TravelBag. (“So small, you can fit everything in it!” Ugh.) She passed the end down the line. I knew that if I asked her what it was for, I'd just get another scathing look and not an answer. So I just grabbed hold of the end.

    Midnight pulled something else out of her bag. It appeared to be a radio, like the one Looker had used earlier. She held it up and said, “Dewey, turn this thing on.”

    Wait, Agent Midnight. It seems you've got a probationer with you. I'm afraid he's not permitted to use our teleportation devices at this time. So if you would just ask Agent Looker to-”

    Looker ripped the phone out of Midnight's hands. He started shouting.

    Do you know who I am? I am not sure you do, because if you did you would not be attempting to keep me here! NO! I AM THE AGENT WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING RID OF DOCTOR CHARON! I TRACKED DOWN PLASMA'S SEVEN SAGES!! I AM TOO A RESPONSIBLE AGENT! YOU WILL NOT HOLD ME FOR LON-”

    Looker was cut off as Midnight karate-kicked him in the back of the knees. She grabbed the phone out of his hands. “Leader Adrien says he's allowed to come. We're going to Kanto. How else is he gonna get there? C'mon, Dewey.”

    Fine. I will be asking Adrien about this.”

    There was a flash of light, and for the second time today, I felt a sensation of not knowing where the heck I was, which way was up, or anything for that matter. Then, I was on my knees, feeling nauseous and staring at a cobblestone street.

    I stood up. A few feet away from me, Looker was using a Silph TownMap (“Always knowing where you're going!” Arc, I hate that company.) to attempt to find where we were, but he was holding it upside down.

    Midnight batted it out of his hands. She then pulled out the radio-phone.

    Dewey, this is Fuchsia City. We're supposed to be in Pallet. What's with you today?”

    Taking in my surroundings, I found that we were in a village of some sort. The streets were paved with reddish-brown bricks, and all of the houses, lined up in haphazard roads, had maroon roofs and doors. Down the street was the familiar orange roof of a Pokemon Center. At the end of the narrow, shady road, which was lined with locust trees, a route gate stood. Unlike the ones back home, its doors were open, and I could see shimmering turquoise water on the other side.

    Nik was tugging on Midnight's bag. “Hey! Forget about me? What are we gonna do? Did Dewey mess up? I wanna go catch a Pikachu. NOW. Dad promised me you'd take me to go catch a Pikachu!”

    Shut up!” she said, and turned back to the phone. “Dewey, come in. You've sent us to Fuchsia City instead of Pallet Town. Is this intentional? Come in!”

    Ah...well, this was not expected,” replied Dewey through the phone, with a significant amount of static. “It seems that Pallet Town has been...quarantined. We've got a cam on it now, and both the water and land entrances are blocked off, with some guards posted nearby. Seems like you're just going to have to travel by foot a little, until you get there and find out what's going on.”

    Hopefully we can get there quickly,” said Looker.

    Believe me, I think so too,” said Midnight. “Gimme that,” she snapped suddenly, gesturing to the TownMap.

    He picked it up and gave it to her.

    Alright. Nik, come over here,” called Midnight. Nik shuffled back. “What were you doing over there?”

    That guy won't talk to me,” he said, pointing in the direction of a man standing at the street corner. “I asked him if he knew where to get a Pikachu and all he said was, 'The Pal Park is just over there! I heard that it's on the location of the old Safari Zone! It sounds like a lot of fun! You should go there, young Trainer!'” Nik used an exaggerated old man voice. “Is he a kidnapper or something? How'd he know I was a Trainer, anyway?”

    Well,” I said, “your belt. That belt is only worn by Trainers, because it's got the special pockets to hold your Pokeballs. So that might have been it. Plus, he's an Anpeci. They seem to know these things. You shouldn't bother him, that's rude.”

    ...Oh...”said Nik. I'm not sure he'd realized the man was an Anny.

    Ahem” said Midnight. She was waiting impatiently near a bench in the park a block away. Looker was beside her. “Get over here.”
    We walked over, Nik nervously eying the old man.

    So, we're here.” Midnight pointed to a shiny yellow spot on her TownMap. Unlike when I had first received mine, all the town spots were filled in, showing that she had visited all of the towns on the map. Because of some weird League rule, you weren't allowed to fly on a Pokemon to a town you hadn't visited already. They claimed that it 'ruined the adventuring experience'. Whatever. I wondered whether Midnight had actually been to all the towns in Kanto, or whether this was a modification she or someone else had made.

    We can either follow this long land route-” here she traced along a line labeled “Cycling Road,” which intersected with a few other routes before finally reaching a red square labeled “Vermilion City”- “and use the Diglett Cave to go to Pewter, then travel through Viridan to Pallet. That'll take forever, and even if we didn't take the Cycling Road, we'd have to pass through Lavender and Saffron, which is bound to take longer.”

    Or, we could take the water route.” She traced a path through the ocean that bordered Fuchsia City, and stopped at a dot labeled “Cinnibar Island.” “We could stop at Cinnibar for supplies, and the rest of the route takes us directly to Pallet. We're short on time, and this is much faster. The only problem is, do we all have water Pokemon to surf with? Nik, what do you have?”

    Nik lit up. “I'll show you!” he shouted. He pulled two Pokeballs out of his belt.

    Go!” he yelled as he threw them into the air.

    They flashed twice, and with a BANG two Pokemon were on the ground. One was a happy-looking little monkey. It had brown fur, a tan face, large ears, and sported a bright red flame on its rear end. The monkey nuzzled at Nik's leg and chirped.

    What kind of Pokemon is that?” I said. “I've never seen it before. It looks like a Pansear, but...”

    It's a Chimchar, duh,” said Nik, as he picked the monkey up. “His name is Pauly. Dad took me all the way to Rowan's house to get him. That's really far away from the headquarters. Pauly is my starter.” Nik bragged. “He might look little, but I bet he could beat you!”

    We'll see about that,” I said. “What's the other one?”

    The other Pokemon was a little blue-and-yellow cat. It sat on Nik's shoe, waved its shiny star-tipped tail, and took a nap.

    Nik clapped in front of its face. “Wake up, Schroedinger! This is not a good time to nap!” The cat jumped a foot in the air and hissed at him. Some sparks flew from its tail.

    Its name is Schroedinger?! Well, that's random...” I said.

    I caught him on the way back from Rowan's house. He's awesome! His name is kinda long though, so I call him Schrody.. He's a Shinx. My dad has a Luxray! It's what Schrody will turn into when he gets bigger. It's really awesome. It's huge and scary and shoots lightning at people! I can't wait until Schrody gets that big.”

    Neither of these guys can learn Surf,” said Midnight. “You're either going to have to catch something quick, or use one of mine—wait, you're not getting mine. Maria, lend this kid a water type. We don't have time to wait for him to catch one.”

    Nik and I were both equally annoyed.

    Look, I don't even know if the Storage System here accepts my foreign account. If it doesn't, then I can't get into my PC and withdraw any Pokemon for this kid. And he's certainly not getting one of my good team members.”

    I can too catch my own!” Nik insisted. “I caught Schrody all by myself! We're right by the ocean, see? I can do it!”

    Looker piped up. “I do not know as much about the Kanto, but I think that Maria is fine with the Storage here. I heard someone say that the Storage System is...universal? Yes. Universal throughout the regions, so you will be fine, no?”

    Somewhere in that pile of nonsense, there's some truth,” said Midnight. “The Storage System works wherever you are. Nik, I said NO. Your dad isn't here, and I'm the oldest, so I'm the boss here.”

    Isn't Looker the oldest?” I said.

    [CENTER] "Well, yeah. I'm 19, he's 21. But unlike him, I know what I'm doing. So yeah. I'm the oldest.


    What? Looker, no offense, but you look a lot older than that.”

    I,” replied Looker as he reached in his TravelBag, “am a master of disguise.” He pulled out a box of Pocky and offered me a stick.

    Midnight grabbed the box and set it down on the bench. “As a very famous professor from the town we are heading to once said, Looker, now is not the time to do that.”

    Seriously? I want some Pocky!” whined Nik.

    Would you PLEASE stop whining? It's getting really annoying, and if you don't stop...” I hesitated. I wasn't his parent. I really didn't have any authority to tell him what to do like this.

    ...and if you don't stop,” Midnight finished, “we'll just call Dewey to 'port you home and you'll never get to go on a gym circuit, let alone leave the region.”

    That shut him up.

    Anyway, go get Nik a water type. It doesn't have to be good. In fact, it should be something bad so it'll be sure to listen to him. He's got what, no badges?”

    Fine...” I said, and headed into the Center.
    Around five minutes later I was back, a Poke Ball in my hand. I gave it to Nik, and he eagerly threw it up to see what he'd received.

    With a QUACK, a pathetic looking duck fell on the ground. It was neon yellow, with big bulging eyes. It clutched its head like it was in pain as it waddled in circles. It was a Psyduck. this a joke?” said Nik.

    No. This was the lowest level Water type I could find, and otherwise, it won't listen and you'll end up drowning.”

    He sighed. “Does it have a name?”

    Nah. I just caught her because I was trying to complete my 'Dex. You can keep her, actually. I don't really care,” I said. “She'd probably be happier with you anyway.”

    Thanks...I guess?” said Nik. “I'm gonna call you Daisy.”

    How creative. I thought.

    Looker, what do you have?” said Midnight.

    Ah. I have Charlie, then Dante, and Rory, and Brook and Karolin. Oh, and Pharaoh. We should never forget about Pharaoh. It gets angry.”

    Would you mind showing those to us? I can't tell what species they are from their names, you know,” I said, trying to be polite.

    Ah!” he exclaimed. He pulled out six Balls from his belt and tossed them up, shouting “Go!” as Nik had.

    In front of him fell Charlie the Staraptor, a strange little wooden elf creature that blew air at the ground, a large black dog with an angry expression, a luminescent fish with blue stripes, and a huge bloated purple frog with nasty-looking claws.

    That's only five. Where's the last one? And which one is which?” said Midnight.

    You know of miss Charlie, but this Nuzleaf” -he gestured to the wooden elf thing- “is Dante, this Mightyena is Rory, the Lumineon is Brook, and the Toxicroak is Karolin.”

    Where's Pharaoh?”

    Ah...” he said, fidgeting nervously, “Well, Pharaoh is not...a day creature. It likes the darkness, no? I am worried that it might get sick.”

    Just show it to us. A bit of sunlight won't hurt it.” said Midnight.

    Alright...Nik, are you afraid easily?” Looker said.

    Heck no. Come at me, bro!” he said confidently. We all stared at him.

    Looker threw the final ball up in the air, and it opened with a lot of cheesy Smoke Seals he must have attached at some point.

    The thing that emerged from it was a few feet taller than an average person. It was a large golden coffin, with a dark hole where the face should be. From within the hole, a pair of glowing yellow eyes shone out, along with a devilish grin. Four ghastly arms of smoke extended from the coffin's form, and it emitted a disgusting stench.

    Yuck. That think smells! What the heck? Is it supposed to be the ghost of a trash can? Ew. Could you put it away, please?” I said.

    Nik stared at it, clearly terrified.

    Nik, you okay?” I said, patting him on the shoulder.

    He jumped. “Y-y-yeah. I'm fine! Just fine! Nothing's wrong! Just...put it away, would you?”

    Looker dutifully recalled Pharaoh. “Nik, I told you it was a frightening beast! Why did you not say that it would scare you?”

    Never mind. Can Brook surf?”, said Midnight quickly.


    Maria, what do you have?” she asked.

    I quickly let out my team. Oswald, my Samurott, Hera, the Archeops, Medusa, the Hydregion, Zorro, the Zoroark, Selene, the Milotic, and Effie, the Liepard that I'd been working on training.

    Can the otter surf?”


    Hey Maria,” piped up Nik, “Where's that all-powerful Truth Dragon you're famous for? Isn't that your signature?”

    I left her back home. My friend's watching her. I didn't think it would be a good idea to take her to a new region like this, but at the same time I didn't really want to leave her in the PC. You know? It just didn't feel right. So Black's watching her.”

    Huh,” Nik said.

    It had begun to get dark. The sunset gleamed in the distance, shining blindingly through the gate door.

    We should probably find somewhere to stay,” said Midnight.

    The Center's got some rooms,” I said. “The nurse claimed that there were a few left.”

    Nah,” she replied. “Centers creep me out. The people are just too...friendly. I bet Dewey could find a hotel or something. Come on.”
    After some arrangements had been made, we had comfortable lodgings at the Sea View Hotel on the edge of Fuchsia City. We agreed that we'd set off on the ocean route first thing after breakfast the next morning, but for now, everyone was in need of sleep. I crawled into bed and let Effie sit on the pillow. She meowed contentedly and begun to knead it.

    'Night,” I said, and turned out the lights.


    The boy stood, the cold, snow-bearing winds swirling around him. Their howling voice rang in his ears. He was unfazed, however. His intent was focused on something else. He stared out at the distant silhouette of a city, tiny from his perch at the very peak of the tallest mountain. He could sense that what he'd been waiting for was here.

    Somewhere inside the boy's bag, It shuddered. It shook inside Its ball, wanting to be let out.

    NO, the boy thought. I WILL NOT let you get out like that again. I don't know what came over me. All I know is that it's not happening EVER again. Shut up.

    It refused. It continued to shake, pounding his mind with Its pleas. LET ME OUT, It whispered. I WON'T HURT ANYONE AGAIN.

    It took all of the boy's will to keep himself from pulling It out and chucking It over the cliff. He wanted to get rid of It more than ever now, to watch Its smoky indigo form dissipate in the high winds. But he knew it didn't work that way. He'd tried many times to get rid of It. It kept coming back, no matter what you did. He had learned to deal with It, to just forget about It. But recently It had been...growing. Bothering him more, trying to influence him to do things. He had succeeded in resisting, but he didn't think he'd have to do that much longer. He had a plan, a glorious plan to get rid of It forever, to make it leave this world and never return.

    A plan that involved the four foreigners that had appeared in the faraway city on the horizon that afternoon.

    So, as the snow fell silently, as the noisy wind pushed its way into all of the cracks in the rocks, as the lights of the distant city softly glowed, and the stars above shone faintly underneath a thin layer of cloud, the boy simply pulled his hat down over his eyes and watched.

    *Top'cent is an offensive term for the many, many young children that find a spot in a random location, and park themselves there, with food and camping gear, and sit waiting for someone to come by and battle them. The term stands for 'top percentage', originating from that really lame movie about a top'cent kid with a fancy Rattata who decided he was going to take on the Champion with only this one Pokemon. His name was Josey or Joey or something. Apparently it was based on a true story, but I don't believe that. I'm not sure it's POSSIBLE to be that stupid.

    **An abbreviation for Arceus.

    Note- There's a MissingNo pun in here somewhere.
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