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    Name: Nicole "Nicky" Armada
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Nicky is a tall, thin, girl standing at about 5'11. Though she's thin, she's has a well built figure. Nicky's is a radiant blonde with hot pink tips at the end of her straight hair. Her light blue eyes shine line the sun on a glistening bay. Her face is full of freckles. If someone were to try and count them (which they have), they'd be there for hours. She has two, flaming red earrings that she never leaves home without, as well as a ruby necklace with a silver chain. She carries all her things in a large drawstring backpack. Her tomboy-ish wardrobe fits her style exactly. Most often, she wears a navy blue sweatshirt that's about two sizes too big on her. Along with that she wears a pair of black athletic shorts that have a white lining on the bottom. Her shoes are battered in worn. They used be pure white, since then though, they've been covered in dirt and the soles have worn out. Nicky has to wear a knee brace on her right knee due to a muscle inflammatory disease. This hinders her ability to run to an extent, but not too much.

    Personality: Competitive, head strong, and strongly opinionated are all words to Nicky. Being raised as she was, Nicky always hated to lose. A loss to Nicky is the worst possible situation to her. Always sticking by her opinion, Nicky is strongly opinionated. Once Nicky sets her mind on something, there is absolutely no changing it. She is selfish to an extent, but it really is because of her competitive nature. She is very keen on providing safety for those around her. Nicky is full of self confidence. Through the confidence though, she is also sometimes cocky. It allows her to take on challenges that would normally not allow someone like her would not be able to handle mentally. She is very strong willed, willing to move on from any failure and able to use success to her advantage by building up momentum.

    Backstory: Growing up in Azalea Town, Nicky was originally a quiet girl, just trying to make it by. Then after learning the power of fire pokemon. She began by using her fathers fire pokemon to learn how to battle. Growing up in Azalea Town though, the fire pokemon she used made it easy to defeat the bug pokemon of the townspeople. Through her opponents inability to take on her strong pokemon, Nicky gained confidence in herself and became very strong willed. She then believed she could not be beaten. She kept on telling her self this until one day, an elder from Slowpoke Well challenged her to a battle. Cockily, she accepted saying that beating this old man would be a piece of cake. When the old man sent out a Politoed, it only took one hit to knock out the girl's pokemon. With this loss, the young female asked herself, "How can I become strong enough to take on any opponent?" With this, she decided to become a pokemon trainer.

    This new dream of hers came to a sudden halt on the so called dooms day. When the earthquakes hit, Nicky was in the Azalea Forest training. Nicky tried to take cover in the clearing next to the Forest Shrine. As the trees started falling, Nicky shouted out "Holy Burrito!!!". She ducked her head down as she tried to save her self. Just as a tree was about to fall on her, the voice of the forest shouted out from the shrine, and suddenly all the trees were gone. The area was now a wide open field. Many pokemon wondered what to do now, their homes destroyed. As Nicky was about to look for what had most likely saved her life in the only remaining thing in the forest, the shrine, she realized that her family was still in Azalea Town.

    Nicky ran as fast as her flawed legs could take her. By the time she got home though, it was too late. The entire town was leveled. Only two people remained, neither of them her parents. Nicky mourned the loss of her parents for a few days. After though, she realized she must move on with her life. She packed somethings from the rubble and set off east towards New Bark Town.
    Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil