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    I took AP in most of my subjects,and sadly,most of that was not included.
    A parent should be able teach those sorts of things,not just because they are basic life skills,but also for the fact that kids should be able to learn that in a more personal way then a school could provide,makes any sense.
    To be honest,I don't really use advanced mathematics,nor do I think i'll really need them all that much,but i'm not saying that i'd rather have not learned them. (I CRAVE knowledge!! 0.O)
    As for whether or not they should add more subjects to the curricular of the average school/academy,my vote would be yes,but at the current state of their's rather unlikely. :/
    If they did,it should be at the end of high school. Not everybody (myself included) want to,or are going to,college. :l

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