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Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
I wasn't aware of this. However, from what I know, .gbs files aren't in any sort of format that could be made compatible with neither. s files used in Sappy nor MIDI files. Do those .gbs files come in a format that can be read through a text/code editor? Just curious.
Okay... I've done some searching, and here's what I could come up with for the .gbs files: [link] My whole thought was that maybe this would be a good way to skip any "by ear" problems with songs, but I can't find much good documentation on how they are structured.
Also on a semirelated note, these links may help with manual music extraction: [link1] [link2]Those should almost definatly be of some use, assuming music extraction is still desired.

[EDIT1] okay how dumb am I? I looks like the .gbs files are pretty much .gb roms with everything but the music taken out.
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