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    I'm not to big on looking for my moves and stratagies on smogon, I prefer to learn through trial and error c[:
    My latios had
    Calm mind
    Dragon pulse
    And psychic

    I haven't played pokemon in a while so I didn't know which moves latios could learn, wups my bad. I wanted to make latios more offensive to protect my adamant giratina. oh and with Giratina, you're right I should go with its origin form... I jst wanted extra speed to poison the apponent first. And shadow force was only to buy time for toxic. If you switch to a normal pokemon in the middrl of shadow force I'll jst use dragon tail again ^-^

    I was thinking about it and on terrakill I'm going to replace rockslide with firefang, so thanks ^-^

    And now I gotta work on getting me a Dialga :D
    But with different moves, (I'm not a big fan of stealth rocks)
    The other 2 slots are for rayquaza and lucario

    252 atk 252 speed

    I'm thinking of earthquake and maybe even flamethower umm idk

    Same atk and speed evs
    Drain punch
    Iron tail
    aura sphere/ extreme speed - which one is better?
    I know to many sweepers

    I probably need one other annoyer, apart from giratina a possibly a wall and a rapid spinner... So which pokemons do you think need to get off my team so I can add a milotic, a meganium or something around there