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    Name: Yi Liang

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Appearance:He wears a gray jacket,black pants and carries a red bag to put most of the items.He is 32 kg and he is at least 145 cm tall.

    Personality: He is a helpful person ,he always help other people.In the pokemons battles,he will always respect his enemy.He has a bad habit.His bad habit is he always choose what he wants to eat cause how much he eat he won't turn fat so he always choose what he want to eat.

    Backstory: Since Yi Liang was small he been force to go to new bark town away from his family and his friends.In New Bark town,he lives with his uncle and always learn how to battle with pokemon.He always wish for a pokemon so he can be a trainer to battle gym leaders and the elite four.

    Starter Pokémon: Cyndaquil

    Holy burritos,done hope I can join.
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