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Daiki Ethered- Human District

Daiki felt the tube rise into the ceiling and watched as the peaceful room would soon be replaced by a chaotic colosseum. He wondered how the arena would be set up. Would it be a desert? No, probably not. Deserts were boring and more people would die from thirst instead of murder. A mountainous setting was plausible as was a forest or some sort (possibly a jungle) since the variety would give the games would give it some more entertainment value. It was also plausible there would be a multitude of environments as well. That would be the most likely option. That would be his choice after all.

Daiki stared at his reflection for a moment, witnessing the somber expression. The anxiety finally reached him, fearing for his demise. If only Perserias was here to reassure him. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of fear. He had to fake his confidence. "Fake it till you make it," as one of his poorer friends said. They weren't eloquent, but they had a point at least. The tube suddenly stopped and Daiki looked around in confusion. He could see the blue skies above him, figuring he was close to the top. So why the abrupt stop? Red words emerged on the surface of the tube with an arrow pointing to Daiki's left. It read: "Please insert your left arm."

Daiki sighed and complied with the order in lieu of any sort of punishment the Gamemakers would conceive. The tube walls wrapped around his arm and Daiki quickly realized his arm was locked in place. A couple of different thoughts emerged about why; tracking devices were near the top of the list. The words vanished and a full body projected of Natruo appeared in its place.

"Hello my fair participants! Welcome to the eighth annual Population Games. As you have probably noticed, things are a little different this year."

Interesting. They are throwing a new gimmick into this year's edition. I have no choice but to play along. At least for now.

Natruo continued on his little and behind him were two tubes, similar in design to the one Daiki was locked in. Whatever it was, Daiki didn't like the feel of the situation.

"As we have had you done, your arm is currently outside the tube and clasped into place." An arm came out from each tube. Natruo moved over to the tubes with a sly smirk, and a metal device came out of the ground between the two tubes. Daiki could see a long pair of "handcuffs". They weren't the ones he was familiar with, as they seemed to be far more advanced. The chain itself was one long black energy wire, and at each end was a sturdy silver brace that would be fixed to the wrist. It didn't take a genius to figure out what Natruo had planned. Daiki felt a smile stretch across his face. "Really? He said? That's the twist?"

"You will be cuffed to another participant at random," Natruo practically sang; fixing the cuffs over each wrist. One of the "victims" began struggling. "Don't waste your strength with trying to break free or disturb your partner. They won't feel it." The "victims" were released from the tubes and exposed to the area around them, looking around in confusion. Daiki observed that the handcuffs had a long wire between them. Good, he said to himself. I have some freedom then.

Natruo pushed his hands into the pockets of his jacket. "The chain and cuffs are unbreakable. Fire, water, pressure, electricity... Even direct explosions will not damage them."

Is there part of this that is supposed to surprise me?

"The only ways to unbind yourself, is to find one of the six keys scattered throughout the arena. Any of the keys will work on any cuff. One lucky person won't have to deal with any of this, though! Exactly one person will not be chained to another, due to the... Uneven amount of people." He snickered softly in a manner that made Daiki want to slap him. Such humor was disturbing.

Natruo rambled on: "However, be warned. You cannot just kill your partner to free yourself." He wandered back over to the actors, who were terrified. The demonstration got a bit more real. He brought out a knife, and went over to the male. He was now shaking, looking around for somewhere to escape. That was when Natruo grabbed him, and shoved the blade into his chest; straight through the heart. The female angel began to cry softly and plead. "Once your partner's heartbeat stops, it will activate the mechanism on your cuff." Exactly three silver spikes from the bottom of the brace, had snapped open from inside the cuff, straight through the woman's pale wrist, and stuck out from the other end. She collapsed to her knees, and whimpered softly, and blood began draining from the wounds.

"If that doesn't kill you, the toxins within the mechanism certainly will. And if you still manage to avoid death, the bracelet will explode." The angel had collapsed completely; eyes wide and unblinking. Both were dead.

So unnecessary. You'd think the God's could afford to make things that would work.

Natruo smiled happily. "There are three pairs within each section of the arena, with the goods at the center of where you start. Once you are released, you and your partner are free to roam and hunt down the other participants. Do not leave the platform until the counter hits zero, otherwise you'll go sky-high!" He chuckled a bit. "Good luck!~" And the hologram faded out.

Daiki was far from surprised, shocked or traumatized. In fact, he partially expected something like this. Even the games got repetitive after a while. They needed to change things up. The Bern Factor didn't help. She already won…what twice now? It is not behind reasonable doubt they invented this twist to kill her off. But that wash't important. She wasn't near the top of his list of people he needed to kill to win.

No, he had other plans. Most of his plans were designed to kill him .

The tube receded and Daiki immediately looked to his left to see who he was chained to. He figured it would be someone of a different race when he thought about it. After all, pairing two of the same race was counterproductive.

Oh. Lucky me.

It was Amelia. Beautiful, beautiful Amelia. At least that means he will get the girl in the end.

Daiki winked to her and gave her a reassuring nod that sent a single message: "Don't worry. I got this."

Paired with the beautiful Pikachu
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