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I'm currently at Lacunosa Town, just grinding a bit before Drayden.

Lvl 44 [Flash Fire]
- Hex
- Flame Burst
- Will O Wisp
- Memento

lvl 45 [Levitate]
- Dragon Tail
- Fly
- Bulldoze
- Rock Slide

lvl 41 [Chlorophyll]
- Leaf Blade
- X-Scissor
- Protect
- Slash

lvl 43 [Static]
- Thunder Wave
- Thunder Punch
- Quick Attack
- Discharge

Going to replace thunder punch with fire punch once I can get an Electrizer.

lvl 44 [Ice Body]
- Hail
- Ice Beam
- Encore
- Surf

traded Oslo over as an egg from White.
No idea what to have as a 6th member or if I need one. Have got a Steelix/Aron I could use but i'm not sure.