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    Lately, I have been doing online launcher battles. It hasn't gone to well...

    This is my team at the moment:

    Cinccino ( Or what ever it's called I forget because it's nick-named )

    Half of this team was made by my friend. I decided to use the three main starters, but change Emboar to a Blaziken once i get one. Emboar is a terrible fire starter Pokemon. Ditto isn't the best one I would have picked and im starting to think my friend was intending me to have total doom. Zoroark is okay in some cases, sometimes using his illusion and getting un-noticed looking like my Emboar the whole match. I don't think it's a good team, and don't know what members to change, so i ask for your help. I don't think i wanna ask my friend for help again...
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