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Banned because you're talking about Oshawott!

Me: Those guys are targeting Unova. So we may as well...Kyurem! Attack Virbank City!
Kyurem: Affirmative! Who is the main target...?
Me: Ash Ketchup...Eh?! It's Ash Ketchum and his friends.
Kyurem: For your information, I hate ketchup.
Me: I told you, I'm targeting Ash Ketchum! Not ketchup!
Kyurem: Fine. Let's just hope he doesn't have any ketchup on him.
Me: Why would he have ketchup all over his body?
Kyurem: Riiight. That makes sense.

Alakazam: Do you need some information as to why the "guys" are coming there?
Me: I already know. They're looking for Mew. They think Ash Ketchum has the answer, due to him actually being someone that once saved Mew and one of its domains.
Alakazam: One of his domains? I think you must've misheard. Mew only has one domain.
Me: Uh, you're the one that needs to get your brain checked. Mew has more than one domain. One...that castle that the guys explored. Two...the Tree of Beginning, which is more like a stone shaped like a tree with aura flowing through. Three...a forest in Southern America.
Alakazam: WHAT?! My brain's perfect!
Me: So we have to fight to see who's right...
Alakazam: Riiight!
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