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    Originally Posted by PunsAreFun View Post
    For example, lets say I have a cave in Pewter City that warps to the Rock Tunnel map. Now if I look at the Pokedex area map it'll tell me they're in Rock Tunnel when really you get there from Pewter (obviously). So I guess what I'm asking is, is there a way for me to tell the Pokedex where a Pokemon is without it really being there? And vise versa?
    There isn't yet, but I'm working on this very thing for roaming legendaries. If I work it out, I'll post something in R&D, so keep an eye on R&D.

    Originally Posted by borisjo View Post
    I have a question about levelscripts. I've been searching but I can't seem to find an answer , my question is: do levelscripts work if you get back to the map after a wild pokemon battle? Some sort of a safari type, when you catch a pokemon, the script detects it with special2 command and you get warped out of there. Can levelscripts work after a battle and if they can, how do I make it to work? Thanks in advance!
    Level script type 5 triggers every time you refresh the OW screen (with, perhaps the exception of special 0x8E). There isn't one which only triggers after battle, but if you write your script well, that won't matter too much.
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